Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Most Looks-Can-Be-Deceiving Game Award

This one is fun and simple. It can take away boredom without requiring so much energy, tools and time. This is more of like a game for adults since it requires more "strategies"/"diskarte", and children like games that involves running around and getting sweaty. I saw that most of us enjoyed this, and many were really trying hard to concentrate. The funny part comes when a person is very close at a bottle cap. Obviously, it is a sure hit. And when, he/she doesn't hit it, he/she goes almost insane, and everyone bursts into laughter. Well, it happened to me once. Haha!

  • Instead of using stones, why not try using bottle caps also instead?
MVP: I could have said Juvy, but I hit the most number of caps, therefore making me the MVP! Boo! Haha!

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